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- We are - Libristo

Books from all around the world at your doorstep

21 million book titles in 150+ languages
+50 suppliers from all over the world
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16 years of experience with book sales in the EU
2 million customers served each year

We are a team of young people

And each one of us enjoys books from a different aspect. We pick new book titles for you every day, making sure to include various languages and genres, expanding our selection of over 21 million books. So you can always find exactly what you’re looking for right here at Libristo. Books from all over the world in one place, for a single delivery fee.

... and you love us for it

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Libristo EU

We’re world-class

Europe is our home and we’re rooted right in the heart of the continent.

Yes, we really do have everything...

We focus on providing a complete range of foreign literature in the world’s major languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. But you’ll also find books in other 150 languages. Would you like a book in Hungarian, Croatian or Korean, perhaps? We’ve got it! This is how we put together a completely unique selection of books with more than 21 million titles. Every customer will always find the book they’re looking for.

Libristo EU

We’re book enthusiasts

Our work is driven by love and maximum commitment.

Our project – our baby has slightly outgrown us ...

We started from nothing in 2008. Starting as a Czech online shop, we slowly grew and expanded to a large part of the European Union. Today we serve more than 2 million customers a year. As we continue to expand and grow, so does our offer. Our mission is to offer books from all over the world in one place, for a single delivery fee.

Libristo EU

We’re visionaries

We’re always a page ahead. We like change and we’re not afraid of it.

How we opened Pandora's box...

Our selection is huge. No, we're not exaggerating. Our offer is unique and keeping it well-organised and easy to follow is a challenging task. Did you know that every country sorts books into their own categories? And that those categories are completely different in each country? If we were to include every single category from every country in one offer, you’d have about twenty thousand book categories to choose from. So you’d probably give up before finding the book you were looking for. Complicated, isn't it? Perhaps it would be easier to say that we read all the books before putting them in the right category, depending on their content. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; we only read most of them :-). But you can still look through our well-organised selection and pick books from several hundred categories. We finally solved this seemingly unsolvable problem in 2015, when we became a part of the international EDItEUR group. This organisation aims to unify the book categories of all countries. Thanks to our contribution to this exceptional project, we are now able to offer books from all over the world in a clear manner, in categories according to the national language. And we’re rightly very proud of that!

Libristo EU

We’re explorers

Since 2008, we’ve been looking for publishers who have something to offer.

Our eyes are always wide open...

We’re actively looking, asking and listening, both to our customers and to our suppliers. Worldwide. Years of experience have given us an insight into what’s out there and where to get books under the best possible conditions. We process and appraise tens of millions of offers every day. A well-organised global selection of books all in one place, at a reasonable price, and fast delivery of books to readers in a way that they’re used to. Those are our priorities. Orders often leave us containing books in several languages. These books have travelled to us in various ways, from different parts of the world, and they may then be headed to a small village for just a symbolic delivery fee. A large part of our customer base is made up of people with varied interests, who know we’ll help them find even very specific books that aren’t translated into foreign languages. And we’re delighted that, together with us, they can always be one page ahead.

Our values



Our focus isn’t only on what’s in front of us, but mainly on what’s around us. We care about the environment. We strive to run our company in an environment-friendly manner. Our packaging strategy is as waste-free as possible, we print on 100% locally sourced recycled paper, support environmental organisations and continue to modify our daily habits for the better. Small steps, every day.



We like modern solutions. Whether it's selling books, creating our company system, or buying a new coffee machine. We are always looking for the most efficient way. We’re a team of young people who don’t like making things complicated. We prefer simplicity, clarity and, above all, functionality. We always think things through and try to execute them as best as we can.



Our team is the most valuable thing we have. Every day we strive to make people feel great. We build mutual relationships on trust and openness. And we also want the team to have fun and enjoy working together.



We put part of ourselves into our work. We wouldn’t enjoy it otherwise. We don't have strict working hours, we enjoy our work and we put love and care into every step. Always with respect for people and our surroundings.

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+45000 other companies


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