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  • To get the discount it is necessary to be registered. Log in to My Account with the login details you used to make previous purchases. Your account will show the amount of discount you're entitled to. The discount will be automatically applied to the order. The discount must be applied within 12 months of the last order received and paid for; it expires after that.

  • We send an order confirmation by e-mail immediately after successful receipt of the order. If the confirmation hasn't arrived within 15 minutes, please check your email in other folders such as Spam, Promotions, Mass emails, etc. If you do not find the confirmation, please contact customer support.



  • Yes, of course. You can combine the purchase of a printed book and an e-book and/or audiobook in one order. You will learn everything you need during the purchase process.

  • You can see information about the delivery date of the order in the cart before submitting your order. You can also find the delivery date in the email you received shortly after you placed your order and also in your account. You can log in to your account simply with your email and password.

  • If the goods are stated to be in stock, then we undertake to deliver them within the time specified in the cart in the order summary section. These dates are the earliest possible, so please count on this date. You can also find the expected delivery date in your order confirmation email or in your account.

  • No. The order will start to be processed immediately after the money is credited to the account. It is not possible to speed up this process by sending a confirmation that payment for the order has been sent. If you are in a hurry to get your shipment delivered, please choose the online payment option.

  • Usually, we ship the entire order at once as soon as all the titles are available. If you want your order to be shipped piecemeal, please contact our customer support. However, shipping charge will be charged for each individual delivery.

  • If the goods are in stock, we undertake to deliver them within the time specified in the cart in the order summary and according to the delivery times of individual cooperating carriers. Sometimes it can happen that goods marked in stock are sold out in a short period of time. If the goods are sold out and we are unable to deliver the goods ordered by you within the specified time, then we will contact you by email to agree on the next steps.

    The reasons for a change in availability can be as follows:

    Expected reprint – date unknown: The title is currently out of print, but a reprint is planned. The publisher has not yet set a date for reprinting. Unfortunately, the deadline can be weeks, months or even years.

    Availability unknown – on request: The book is not currently available and the date on which it will be sent is unknown. The reason may also be the reprinting of the book.

    Expected new releases – date unknown: The date of publication has not yet been determined by the publisher. The order will be shipped automatically immediately after publication.

    Unavailable – excluded from order: The title is sold out and will no longer be in stock, so it has been removed from the order.

    Book delivery guaranteed: The book is available from our supplier. We will specify the delivery date as soon as possible.

    If you are no longer interested in the title because of a change in availability, please contact customer support. The title can be removed from the order. In the event of prepayment, the money will be refunded back to the account.

  • Unfortunately, an unavailable title cannot be purchased. This means that the publisher of the book no longer has any copies in stock. Most of the time, the title is unavailable within a certain time frame and it is not always a permanent condition. We hope that you will choose an adequate replacement with us. We recommend that you use the availability monitoring function on the product card. Just enter your email address and we'll get back to you as soon as the book is available again.

  • Please contact our customer support. We will do our best to find the book you are looking for.  

  • We want to be a high-quality and comprehensive source of information from the world of books, so we also display titles that we do not have in stock at the moment. If you only want to choose from available books, please adjust the filter in your search to select the availability of your preferred title.

  • Availability with a 50% chance ("we will search the whole world") is our speciality. This is a title that is almost sold out. However, our supplier states that they have the last pieces in stock. So it depends on how quickly our order arrives and whether the last piece in stock is undamaged. We will do our best to get the last copy just for you!

  • In our offer you will find more than 21 million titles. Such large offer cannot be kept in stock under one roof. Some of the goods offered are in the warehouses of our suppliers. If the title you selected shows availability in stock at the supplier, that's good news. The book is available from our supplier and in a few days the supplier will deliver it to our warehouse. Then we will prepare the goods and send them to you. On the product card you can see the date of shipment of goods. Delivery time to your chosen address must be added to this deadline. This varies from country to country and from carrier to carrier. The average delivery time takes another 1-5 days.

  • Before a book gets into the hands of a customer, it has to go through several stages. In the case of books, it is the author – publisher – seller chain. The author is the creator of the book. The publisher is responsible for bringing the publication to market. The seller is responsible for the offer and presentation of the book and mediates the sale. We represent the third part of this chain. Information about reprinting or translation of a particular book is provided to us by the publisher, who obtains this information from the author. Unfortunately, we are not able to influence the date of reprinting or publication of the book in another language.

  • The release date of a new or sold-out title is determined by the publisher, who is also fully responsible for meeting this deadline. If this date is known, it is also indicated in the e-shop on the product card. Once the title is ready for sale, all retailers will receive it, including us. Immediately after delivery of the title to our warehouse, we dispatch the goods to customers. On the product card, you can see the estimated date of shipment of the goods. This is a date set by the publisher and is subject to change. This period must be extended by the delivery time of the shipment to you. This varies from country to country and from carrier to carrier. The average delivery time takes another 1-5 days.  

  • Discount and points appear after successful completion of the order, that is, when you have the books at home and we have the money in our account. 

  • We offer our customers the option to purchase electronic gift vouchers of any value. The value of the voucher is a required field. An optional field is the name of the gift voucher holder, the message and who the gift voucher is from. Each voucher has its own unique code and will be sent after payment of the purchase price. We offer the possibility of sending the voucher online to your email address. It is always only possible to use the full amount of the voucher, not to use it in parts. The voucher is valid for 12 months from its purchase. To redeem a gift voucher on the website, it is necessary to fill in the field in the cart section, where you enter the unique gift voucher code. The value of the gift voucher is deducted from the total price of your purchase in the cart.

  • Our loyalty programme is called Libroamanto. Registered customers will receive points for each purchase made in their points account. Each item in the offer on our website is awarded a certain number of points. The number of points for a specific item can be seen on the product card. The current balance of the points account is listed in the user account. During the next purchase, points can be exchanged for a reward in the form of a gift or free delivery. The reward is offered in the first step of completing the order. Registered customers also receive an additional 5% discount on their next purchase. The discount must be applied within 12 months of the last order received and paid for; it expires after that. Learn more about our loyalty programme here.

  • No. We operate exclusively online bookshops. We offer more than 21 million titles and unfortunately, such a wide range of titles cannot be stored under one roof. You can easily view the entire offer on the internet and we will deliver selected books to your home.

  • Yes, we really are! And whoever claims otherwise has not yet had the honour of getting to know us. The scope of our library is so large that it spans several time zones. When it’s three o’clock in the thriller section, it’s seven in the morning for the novels! Come and choose from a selection of more than 21 million titles sorted neatly into categories.

  • Of course, you can add to your order if it hasn’t already been shipped. However, it will not be possible without the help of our customer support. Please contact us and together we will adjust the order.

  • Returns and return policy can be found here.

  • All goods are shipped within the European Union. The price of the order in the shopping cart is therefore final and no additional customs fees, import taxes or VAT are payable.  We don't like unpleasant surprises either! 

  • An electronic book (e-book, e-Book) is a digital version of a traditional paper book. An audiobook is a recording of the spoken word or a retold book in digital format.

  • To read e-books, you need to create an Adobe Digital Editions account and download the reader. An exact description of how to do this can be found in the Instructions for downloading and reading an e-book.

  • When you purchase an e-book, you'll receive a file with a licence that's protected by DRM. You activate your e-book using Adobe Digital Editions. The book will already be added to your Adobe Digital Editions account. You can have it active on up to six devices at the same time.

  • You can download the e-book six times from Adobe Digital Editions . The book cannot be re-downloaded after six downloads or if 24 months have passed since the purchase of the book. However, once you have downloaded the file, you can open the e-book at any time on any device authorised by Adobe Digital Editions.

  • An audiobook can be downloaded six times and will be available for download for 24 months, whichever happens first. After the first download, we recommend backing up your newly purchased audiobook, either to your favourite cloud service such as iCloud, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, or directly to your computer.

  • Adobe DRM (Adobe Digital Rights Management) is a form of e-book protection, using your Adobe ID. A purchased e-book can only be read on devices that are authorised by your Adobe Digital Editions account. To do this, you need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer; this authorises your computer or reader and then the e-book when you first open it. More details can be found in the Instructions for downloading and reading an e-book.

  • E-books purchased from us can be read on devices that support Adobe Digital Editions. Here is a list of the main manufacturers: Android phones and tablets, Apple, BeBook, Bookeen, DICRA SPA, Elonex, iRex, Iriver, Kobo, KreativeDNA, Netlogic, Nook, PocketBook, Samsung, Sony, or Velocity Micro. However, this list is not complete; it is only a list of the best-known manufacturers. Please note that Amazon Kindle does not support Adobe DRM and therefore it is unfortunately not possible to read e-books in ePUB format (Adobe DRM) on Kindle. If you are not sure about compatibility, please check if one of the recommended programs can be installed on your device. For more information, see the Instructions for downloading and reading an e-book.

  • Yes, e-books purchased from us will work on Apple devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone). However, the installation of a third-party software product is required to allow the customer to use an e-book protected by Adobe DRM. We recommend PocketBook, BlueFire or others (available for download from the Apple iStore).

  • No, DRM Protection prevents free sharing, copying and printing of an e-book.

  • No, for digital content (e-books and audiobooks) the right of withdrawal from the purchase agreement does not apply.

  • First of all, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions and updated the software on your device. If the problem still persists, please contact our customer support team. To solve the problem, we will need to know what order it is, what error messages you get and what device and reader you are using.

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