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Give nature back<br> its depleted resources Give nature back
its depleted resources
Reduce the ecological <br>footprint* Reduce the ecological
Behave <br>responsibly Behave

We don't want to feel guilty

every time we open a printed book. We’re actively thinking about what we can do to protect our forests and be more responsible. Are you interested in the details of our mission for a sustainable future and our ambitions? Take a look at our Librotasko, the list of tasks we are working on.

Offer books that are printed on demand (POD). POD reduces the risk of unsold books and also saves energy. The book is printed at a nearby print shop for a specific customer. You can find these books in our selection with the availability status "on order from supplier". Another benefit of this process is that printing such a book is a matter of a few days, so there is no delay in delivery.

Plant a tree for every hard copy book sold each year. We want to thank nature for our beloved books and give back what we’ve taken.

Package our orders in an eco-friendly manner, using cardboard cut-outs suitable for books made from recycled cardboard, without the addition of unnecessary plastic. Reuse packaging and fillers from our suppliers.

Give preference to the suppliers that are nearest to us and combine deliveries. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we can source books from a variety of locations, and saving miles is important to us.

Include e-books and audiobooks in our offer. We support this trend and agree that it’s not always necessary to own a printed book.

Make efficient use of damaged books. Every so often we receive books that have been damaged. Sometimes it's a bumped spine, sometimes a bent page. Such a book is no longer suitable for the customer, but it deserves to be used! We have a great idea for recycling these books. We're working on it!

Not including a printed version of the invoice inside parcels and introducing paperless online returns and complaints. Because every piece of paper counts!

To offer our customers an environment-friendly delivery option.

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Our mission is to leave the biggest footprint in the world of books, but the smallest ecological footprint*.

* Ecological footprint

An ecological footprint is an artificially created, hypothetical unit that can be used to compare human activity in terms of its impact on the planet's ecosystem and sustainability. The ecological footprint determines how many square metres of the Earth's surface a person needs for a given activity or life.


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