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Loyalty programme

LIBROAMANTO Club benefits on the fingers of one hand

Simple system
collecting points
Discounts on
future purchases
Gorgeous book-themed
Free delivery instead of gifts
Transferring points
between accounts

A half-empty library is always a sad sight. That's why we love rewarding our loyal customers with frequent discounts, gifts and benefits. You must be logged in to your customer account to have access to discounts. A customer account is created automatically when you place your first order and it gives you access to the LIBROAMANTO club.

How does the LIBROAMANTO club work?

1 You become a member of the LIBROAMANTO Club with your first purchase.
2 You will automatically receive a 5% discount on future purchases.
3 You will receive points for every successfully completed order.
4 You can exchange points for a gift with your next order.
5 Instead of a gift, you can use the points for free delivery.

Points will be added to your account for all completed orders. The order must have been delivered and paid for. The 5% discount on future purchases is valid for 12 months from your last order. You can find the number of points earned and the list of rewards by logging in to your customer account. Club rewards are not available for VIP or otherwise privileged accounts.

Current loyalty rewards

200 points: Bookworm minimum.

Joys you may not need but definitely want.

200 points MAG_R Pink magnet Magnets in warm pastel colours with warm-hearted messages will capture both the eye and heart of passers-by.

400 and more points: For all those who live like the main characters from their favourite books.

Your library is probably already bursting at the seams under the onslaught of books and the wisdom they bring. No need to worry, there’s always room for a good book!

500 points DOR Free delivery Not a fan of gifts but you appreciate free delivery? We’re on the same page! The delivery costs are on us!


Books are our world. The scope of our library is so large that it spans several time zones. When it’s three o’clock in the thriller section, all the novels are still asleep! :-) Come and choose from over 21 million book titles!

LIBROAMANTO means "lover of books" in Esperanto. Esperanto is the most widely spoken international language. Our brand operates in several countries, which is why we’ve chosen a universal name.

We love books and believe that the power of knowledge, self-development and the written word go hand in hand with a better tomorrow for everyone. LIBROAMANTO members have unlimited access to literature from all over the world. Whether you're interested in ikigai, growing five-leaf ginseng or breeding unicorns, we have what you're looking for. Because exceptional readers also deserve an exceptional offer. And that's why we do what we do. So that together with us you are "always a page ahead".


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